How long does it take to become a petty officer in the navy?

To become a marine petty officer, it typically takes two to three years of service and to complete the necessary training and qualifications. The exact schedule may vary depending on the performance of the person and the needs of the marina. Meet quality and service requirements. The third class petty officer has a requirement of two years of service and six months in the fare.

The second-class petty officer has been in service for three years and one year in the fare. The first-class petty officer has been in service for seven years and three years in the fare. While most officers hold a college degree, no degree is required to become a principal petty officer or limited-service officer. Commissioned officers are members of the Navy or the Naval Reserve who have a degree from a four-year college or university as a minimum educational requirement and who have completed officer training.

According to Navy progress data, the average sailor is promoted to chief petty officer around 13.5 years, after having spent approximately five years as an E-6.