What Does a Chief Operating Officer Do?

A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a dual role that combines the functions of CEO and manager. They are responsible for designing and implementing policies to promote company culture and vision, as well as overseeing operations to keep businesses running. The COO will provide leadership and strategic vision to the organization, while also communicating effectively and encouraging growth between the executive team and all employees. This is a vital leadership role that will drive results, stimulate growth, and increase the overall efficiency of the corporation. The COO is the one who controls the entire operation of the organization using their administrative and management skills.

They must have a working knowledge of all areas related to company growth, including marketing, finance, sales, information technology and human resources. They must also have a high level of business acumen, organizational skills and interpersonal capacity in order to implement complex systems and manage business relationships with company partners and staff. The COO is expected to have extensive management experience, although the amount of experience may vary by company and industry in particular. While the CEO is the face of the company and generally the highest-profile position, the COO is responsible for day-to-day leadership responsibilities and supports the CEO's vision. It's an important position, so you'll want to make sure you find uniquely qualified candidates if you want to hire a director of operations. This starts with a clear job description.

Use this job description to create an offer that attracts the most qualified candidates, customizing it with your specific job obligations and requirements. You can also check out our Chief Operating Officer (COO) job postings for more ideas on how to complete your description. Writing an effective COO job description that inspires top talent to apply and provides realistic expectations of what the position entails is a good start. Next, you'll want to introduce you to as many qualified candidates as possible in a short amount of time. Monster can help, and now you can publish your COO work for free. In the business world, operations managers delegate production, marketing and sales tasks to core teams while maintaining relationships with business partners, suppliers and distributors.

They spend time in an office environment, meeting with business partners, and taking to the field to visit shop windows, manufacturing plants and other key business locations to audit the efficiency of their current business structure and help solve problems. The position of chief operating officer may change depending on the size of the company, as smaller companies require their chief operating officer to be more practical and large companies need their chief operating officer to deal primarily with strategic planning. Good COs must have advanced leadership and communication skills in order to perform their work effectively.