What roles typically report to a coo?

The chief operating officer, also known as the vice president of operations, is usually the second-in-command of a company and reports to the CEO. This person manages and manages the company's daily business operations and works closely with department heads and supervisors to support the daily activity of employees. The chief operating officer (COO) is the second-in-command of a company, just below the chief executive officer (CEO). Therefore, everyone else, except the CEO, is accountable to the chief operating officer eventually, as ideas and plans advance up the scale.

Directly, the chief operating officer develops strategies with the company's other executives and implements ideas to move the company forward and reduce costs. Many companies have presidents, vice-presidents or executives who represent different branches or areas of the company (such as the head of the marketing department or of Human Resources) and who report to a director of operations. When Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of Oracle, and his chief operating officer, Ray Lane, separated in 2000, the event inspired the kind of breathless reporting normally reserved for celebrity divorces. Senior management positions, including those of CEO and chief operating officer, are often in high demand in business organizations.