What Qualities Make a Great Chief Operating Officer?

A great Chief Operating Officer (COO) is someone who can see the big picture and visualize the future of the organization. They must have excellent leadership skills and be able to communicate with employees at all levels of the organization. A COO should also be willing to ask for advice or assistance when needed, as nobody expects them to know everything. When looking for a potential COO, it is important to consider the personal characteristics that lead to successful hires.

Alexander Tuff '03, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Winged Keel Group in New York City, is an example of someone with the right qualities for the job. He has previous experience in operations and leadership, which makes him an asset to any company. When searching for a COO, look for someone you can trust and who has the right skillset. They should have a strong understanding of operations and be able to lead others effectively.

Additionally, they should be able to work with employees in a collaborative manner and have the capacity to make decisions that will benefit the organization.