Where Does the Chief of Naval Operations Live?

Tingey House, officially known as Quarters A, is the official residence of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) of the United States Navy. Located in the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D. C., it was built in 1804 and has been the home of the CNO since 1923. Despite its title, the CNO has no operational command authority over naval forces. This responsibility falls to the combatant commanders who report to the Secretary of Defense.

Admiral Mike Gilday is the current CNO. He is a surface warfare officer from Lowell, Massachusetts and holds master's degrees from Harvard Kennedy School and the National War School. As a flag officer, Admiral Gilday has served in various joint positions, including Director of Operations for NATO's Lisbon Joint Force Command, Chief of Staff of NATO's Naval Coup and Support Forces, Director of Operations for U. S.

Cyber Command, and Director of Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has been recognized with numerous awards and decorations, including the Distinguished Defense Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Superior Defense Service Medal (four awards), Legion of Merit (three awards), Bronze Star, Navy Commendation Medal, and Marine Corps Combat “V” with Combat Action Tape. The Department of Defense provides the military forces needed to deter war and ensure national security. The CNO is an administrative position based in the Pentagon and exercises oversight of Navy organizations as designated by the Secretary of the Navy.

Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (other than the Chairman) may submit advice or opinions to the President that differ from or supplement those presented by him to the National Security Council or Secretary of Defense. The CNO is nominated by the President for appointment and must be confirmed by the Senate. Admiral Moorer was CNO during the Vietnam War and then became President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately after that war. He was born and raised in South Alabama. The U. Army is an organized military force primarily concerned with ground action as opposed to air or naval operations.

Recently, DOD modeling for coronavirus has helped with hospital vessel response planning and other DOD assets have been preparing for coronavirus response. The Joint Chiefs of Staff President Gen. Milley has spoken on coronavirus vaccine safety and efficacy. The Department of Defense provides instructions on cloth face coverings and other information about DoD priorities for combating coronavirus. If you speak Commander in Chief of the Fleet — Ernie King — you will learn more about space dominance matters to our national security.