The Power of the White House Chief of Staff

The White House Chief of Staff is often considered to be the most powerful person in Washington. But is this a political fantasy, or does the role and duties of the Chief of Staff really warrant such a high consideration? In the case of Omarosa Manigault Newman, who published a tape that she said was recorded in the Situation Room of her dismissal by Chief of Staff John Kelly, it was made clear that the staff and all staff members work for him and not for the President. The position of Chief of Staff was originally intended for the superintendent of the USNO, but when the house was found to be so beautiful in 1923, the chief of naval operations kicked out the superintendent so that he could move himself in. In addition to the Vice President's office in the West Wing, the Vice President and his staff maintain a suite of offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), located adjacent to the West Wing on the White House premises.

This concentration of power in the White House during Nixon and Ford's presidencies (whose last chief of staff was Dick Cheney) led presidential candidate Jimmy Carter to campaign in 1976 with the promise that he would not appoint a chief of staff. The White House Chief of Staff is the head of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and a cabinet position in the federal government. The Chief of Staff is responsible for managing and overseeing all White House staff, as well as ensuring that all policies and decisions made by President are implemented. The Chief of Staff also serves as an advisor to the President on all matters related to policy, politics, and personnel.

The Chief of Staff is also responsible for managing access to the President, ensuring that only those with important business are granted access. This includes managing who can meet with him, what topics can be discussed, and how long meetings can last. The Chief of Staff also serves as a gatekeeper for information coming into and out of the Oval Office. The role and duties of a White House Chief of Staff are incredibly important and powerful.

It is no wonder why this position is often considered to be one of the most powerful people in Washington. With such an important role comes great responsibility, and it is up to each individual Chief of Staff to ensure that they are up to task.