What Makes a Great Chief Operating Officer?

A great Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a leader who can use their integrity to build successful teams, foster professional relationships, and improve overall efficiency. They need to be detail-oriented and have strong leadership qualities, such as integrity and motivation, to guide employees and maintain their company's standards of conduct. Effective communication is a key skill for any leadership role. An operations manager must be able to speak and write clearly in order to share ideas and receive feedback from their employees.

This is an important part of managing business operations. Communication skills are also necessary when implementing strategies, as they help provide clarity and define tasks and roles for employees to help execute strategies successfully. Problem solving skills are essential for an operations manager to predict and identify problems, as well as develop creative solutions. Operations managers use analytical skills to assess the function of trades, such as reviewing production operations by analyzing outbound and inbound reports to determine if the production department is meeting its objectives.

Analytical skills can also help develop a business strategy, as it can reveal areas for improvement. A good COO must fill leadership gaps, solve important problems, and execute core strategy in conjunction with senior leadership. They must also be an effective communicator and collaborator that people want to work with. An operations manager who can recognize the hard work others put into the company will be able to build employee loyalty and increase employee satisfaction.

The primary role of an operations manager is to maintain business operations through performance evaluations, process development, and employee management in different departments. The chief operating officer can also perform a variety of roles within a company, from executing business strategy or managing a major organizational change to simply complementing the CEO's skills and experience. To become a great COO, you should consider studying the implementation process, which is a framework for introducing change in your business. You should also improve your strategy skills, such as analysis, critical thinking and communication. Cowen Partners is the best executive search firm in the country, specializing in hiring the best candidates for the position of chief operating officer. Discover key insights into candidates' backgrounds and experience with these questions, designed to distinguish mediocre from excellent options for the role of chief operating officer.