What is the role of chief of naval operations?

The Chief of Naval Operations is the chief naval advisor and naval executive to the Secretary of the Navy in conducting the naval activities of the Department of the Navy. Despite the title, the CNO has no operational command authority over naval forces. The CNO is an administrative position based at the Pentagon, and exercises oversight of Navy organizations as appointed by the Secretary of the Navy. The operational command of naval forces is the responsibility of the combatant commanders, who report to the Secretary of Defense.

Defense Secretary and winner of three Wash100 awards, Lloyd Austin, has proposed Admiral Pacific Fleet for the position of chief of naval operations, NBC News reported Tuesday. Senior defense officials told the publication that President Joe Biden has not yet signed Paparo's nomination, which was sent to the White House a week ago. He served as executive assistant to the commander of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command and the 31st Chief of Naval Operations and as director of operations, J3, in the U.S.

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A line of authority and responsibility, that relating to operational matters, extended from the Secretary to the Chief of Naval Operations. Pratt became the fifth chief of naval operations on September 17, 1930, after the resignation of Charles F. When talking about it, the real function of the chief of naval operations is mainly naval operations; no human being can assume all the responsibilities of preparing the Navy for combat. The Fleet Forces Command and the 31st Chief of Naval Operations and as director of operations, J3, within the U.

Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (other than the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) may submit to the president advice or a disagreeing opinion, or advice or an opinion in addition to the advice presented by the president to the president, the NSC or the SECDEF. Roosevelt clearly understood the distinction between the role of the line officer and that of the technical officer. Like the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CNO is an administrative position, with no operational command authority over the United States naval forces. The chief of naval operations liked the house so much that in 1923 he made it his own official residence.

Here's a good article about the organizational design of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations from Admiral Hyman Rickover's 1974 speech, entitled The Role of Engineering in the Navy. When Congress established that position, it became clear that the Chief of Naval Operations, the highest-ranking military officer in the Navy, was subordinate to the Secretary of the Navy, and that his task was to prepare the Fleet and keep it ready for war.